How Do You Move Heavy Objects Without a Forklift?

Workers Moving Heavy Objects

Whether you are on the job at a site where you need heavy equipment or machinery moved from one place to another, or you are attempting to transport cement steps from a location miles away to your home, you need the proper equipment to make it happen. It would be pretty simple to move heavy objects if you had a forklift handy, but most people do not, so how do you move heavy objects without a forklift?


Six Ways to Move Heavy Objects Without a Forklift

If you have heavy objects to move, using pallets can be very helpful, but even if you do not have the proper equipment, it will still be a very difficult task. If you’ve been trying to come up with a way to move heavy pallets or other heavy objects without a forklift or a pallet jack, read on for six different ways to move heavy objects without using either one of those.


Use a Roller Crowbar

A roller crowbar is just a long bar with wheels that can be rolled underneath a palette or other heavy object. After you secure it underneath the load, it can be used to help lift and move the palette or other heavy objects from the delivery vehicle to the location where you want it. Keep in mind that this type of tool usually has a price tag higher than a pallet jack, but it requires less effort to utilize it.


A Dolly Can be a Lifesaver

For decades, people have been using dollies to be able to move heavy objects when they do not have a pallet jack or a forklift handy. You simply position the dolly underneath the object you want to move, then use the lever to pull the load onto the dolly. You can then secure the object with the belts attached to the dolly for that very purpose. This is great for moving lighter loads and heavy objects through narrow passageways or up and down stairs.


Move It with a Rope

Heavy-duty rope can significantly help you since it is the most cost-effective way to move a pallet or other heavy object without a forklift. This can be a much more strenuous method since you’ll have to put some of your strength into this method, but if you have help from a couple of different people, this may very well be a great option depending on the weight of the object you are moving. You tie the rope securely to the heavy object, then drag it across the floor to where you want it to go. You do not want to drag it too fast, though, because you could cause damage to the heavy object or injure yourself.


Wheels Keep on Turning

This is a do-it-yourself method since you will use a thick piece of plywood and some caster wheels. Simply screw the caster wheels onto each corner of the plywood, then lift the heavy object on top of the platform you created to move it from one location to another. This method is not very efficient, but it is the cheapest method when it comes to moving heavy objects without a forklift or pallet jack.


Sheets or Moving Blanket

You can simply use a sheet underneath heavy objects to pull them where you need them to go. Another option, and a better one, is to use moving blankets for the same purpose. You can move even heavier objects with a moving blanket since it has metal in it, and it is very heavy and durable.


Worst Case Scenario

If you have no other tools or options that can help you move a palette or other heavy object, you may have to resort to breaking down the heavy object into smaller pieces, if possible, so that you can move them individually by yourself or with the help of other people. You can also enlist the help of friends or neighbors to help you lift heavy items if necessary. This is definitely not the greatest method and should simply be used as a last case scenario.


Use a Moving Company

Whether you need to move heavy objects, such as a piano, refrigerator, washer, dryer, or stove, or you want your whole house moved from one location to another, a moving company can get the job done safely, quickly, and much more efficiently than you can on your own. Associated Pacific Movers, Inc. is located in Idaho and is an excellent option for you to use when you need heavy objects to move from one location to another.

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