Moving Home

Home & Building Moving in Boise, Id

A wide range of circumstances may force you to prematurely move away or out of your current commercial facility. Associated Pacific Movers, Inc. is proud to be among the premier movers. If you adore your existing house or building, work with our experienced building movers in Idaho to relocate your structure.

For more than four decades, we’ve specialized in relocating homes and buildings, local and long-distance. Working with commercial and residential clients, we provide reliable, safe structural transportation, to deliver your building to its new destination on-time and in the same condition as when we picked it up.

  • House Moving

    A home is a special place. It’s never easy relocating for either professional or personal reasons. You may find you need to move due to natural occurrences that shifted the land your house sits on or nearby. Whatever the case may be, saying “goodbye” to your beloved family home is difficult. That’s why many residential property owners opt to take their homes with them.

    Our staff of highly-trained movers in Idaho adeptly transports residential structures throughout the state and across the country. We equip our movers with the state-of-the-art tools and machinery necessary to move any house, regardless of size, shape, weight or building materials.

  • Building Moving

    When a land development deal or historical preservation project displaces your business, the task of finding new facilities is challenging. Instead of investing in a new building, choose to move your existing structure instead.

    Our team of building movers knows precisely how to relocate your commercial structure. Whether it’s a stone church or steel office building, our expert movers understand the nuanced process of transporting oversized loads across town or across the country. To prevent any damage, we only use the most advanced equipment to move business buildings.

Hassle-Free Moving Services

Associated Pacific Movers, Inc. takes immense pride in our top-rated home and building moving services. Contact us at 208-376-8660 to learn more about our movers, our affordable rates and the logistics of relocating your structure.